More Oreo in Review

I like Oreos.

When Oreo Double Stuff was introduced, adrenaline coursed through my eight-year-old veins. When I learned that US Oreo fans have access to dozens of flavours that are not stocked on Canadian shelves, I was moved to write a letter to Mr. Christie himself. Sadly, I have not heard back from Mr. Christie nor an Oreo representative. I’d settle for a tweet.

Bubble wrapped to maintain cookie integrity
Bubble wrapped to maintain cookie integrity

Don’t worry, this has not stopped me from trying those cookie sandwich treats. Once friends caught wind of this injustice, packages of Oreos started flooding in. Some arrived via friends who had travelled across the border, while others were sent from new friends living in the states who shared my love of chocolate wafers hugging sweet filling. It was almost hard to keep up, but I managed and shared my thoughts on these exclusive-to-America cookies.

When Mr. Christie rolls out a new flavour, my twitter notifications start pinging. My inbox houses numerous pictures of Gingerbread Oreos, links to Fried Chicken Oreo (please tell me that’s a joke), and offers to pick up not-yet-tried varieties on an upcoming trip. Christmas brought me a special delivery of White Fudge Oreo. Recently, Red Velvet Oreos were launched and only a few weeks later, a package of them arrived in my mailbox. So this is a thing and it shows no sign of stopping.

My last review was one year ago, so it’s high time I updated with all the flavours we have tried within the past twelve months.

Coconut Fudge Cream Oreos 

Technically not a sandwich cookie, but who cares?
Technically not a sandwich cookie, but who cares?

These were a birthday gift and they delivered. My only negative criticism is that the package is deceptive. Although it looks like a regular size package of Oreos, they house this variety in a special plastic tray (likely to prevent them sticking together, but you won’t eat just one anyways, unless you’re a robot, or my husband). You only end up getting about half the amount of cookies.

I stand behind my decision to eat them alone in my locked bedroom. There is no point wasting fancy cookies on small children.

Rating: 5 out of 5 cups of coffee (and yes, they pair nicely with a cup of Joe).

Banana Split

Allegedly amazing
Allegedly amazing

Dropped off unexpectedly by a friend last summer, these were a huge hit with the children of the house. I maybe had one, the rest vanished while we were poolside. Even the son who detests bananas deemed this flavour “highly acceptable”.

Rating: probably a 4, can’t say for sure

White Fudge

Yes, please
Yes, please

Ho! Ho! Hold the phone! Even if you don’t like white chocolate, you will love these. Yes, you will. But you’ll have to wait until next Christmas or never, if you live in the Great White North (ahem, Nabisco Canada). These were a pleasant surprise included with a Christmas card from friends made via the internet. I have to learn not to open these packages in front of the boys because they get all “you always say we have to share”.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Red Velvet 

I'm a believer
I’m a believer

I admit, I had my doubts about this one since Red Velvet in general makes me punchy (I just don’t understand, Red Dye 40). The filling has a hint of cream cheese which contrasts well with the lighter chocolate taste of the cookie. Pairs well with apple juice, milk, coffee, okay, okay – anything. It pairs well with anything, especially more Oreos. This flavour was a very pleasant surprise and one I begrudingly shared with my offspring and few close friends. If you got one, you know I like you.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Dishonourable Mentions:

Gingerbread: meh.

Everyone has Oreo hiding spot, right? Well you should.
Everyone has Oreo hiding spot, right? Well you should.

Pumpkin Spice: yes, it tasted like a Yankee Candle.

Caramel Apple: also resembled a candle.

Candy Corn: still a firm no.


Not sure if you should indulge in your next Oreo? I’m here to help with a useful Oreo Flowchart. 

Coffee Shopping Like a Real Grown-Up

Once upon a time I went to a real coffee shop without any kids.

This is that time.

You can read it over here at Coffee Shopper’s (some of my favourite Americans blog over there).

Be sure to follow them on The Twitter and their own blogs, too. The tea-drinking, coffee blogger, Elizabeth and her partner in crime and caffeine, Laura. They are good people.

Oreo in Review

Did you know that there are all kinds of Special Edition flavours of Oreos? And not just Double Stuff and Mint. There is a seemingly endless list of these limited engagement cookies.

Hold on there, friend. Before you pour yourself a tall glass of milk to go with these sandwiches of sweet tastiness, be warned:  there’s a catch. You can only get them in the US. Apparently, Nabisco wasn’t happy with how the War of 1812 ended and included some sort of no-sharing-Oreos clause in The Treaty of Ghent (I’m 95% certain that’s true).

But have no fear! I have American connections and have procured a small sampling of SPECIAL EDITION OREOS. And being the kind and generous mom that I am (okay, I couldn’t hide them before the boys saw the packages) our family has been enjoying them and rating them.

Now I present to you the Limited Selection of Special Edition Oreos, In Review. 

It's like a small disk of "dream come true"
It’s like a small disk of “dream come true”

Peanut Butter

I doubt you could pair chocolate with peanut butter and have it be anything other than delicious. Nabisco did not let us down. It was just the right blend of two of my favourite things. Bonus is that you cannot send them to school due to the nuts, so it means more for you to eat at home once the kids are in bed.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Cups of Coffee (that’s the Moyer Official Rating System).

Raspberry Fudge Cremes


These almost didn’t make the cut since they are not the traditional “sandwich cookie” but since they say “Oreo” on the package, I loosened the entry requirements. They did sit on the shelf a little longer than usual as a bit of an Oreo-purist demonstration (I forgot they were there).

Wow. I got them out for the boys and almost immediately wished I hadn’t announced they were for everyone. So good. We snarfed down one row in record time and the second almost as quickly. In order to maintain my standing with the neighbour kids, I sent the remaining row along on a playdate. I have never regretted anything more. Curse you, generosity.

Rating: 4 1/2 Cups of Coffee

Cool Mint

Mint, with attitude. In Canada it's called "Mint, if that's okay with you"
Mint, with attitude. In Canada it’s called “Mint, if that’s okay with you”

Come on. The only thing that I might love more than chocolate and peanut butter is chocolate mint. These are the only specialty flavours that are occasionally available in Canada, but having the American version was still a special treat.

We didn’t get a chance to fully review these since my parents ate half the package before they delivered it. Something I can understand, but will not forget, Mom and Dad.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Cups of Coffee

Birthday Cake

HB, Jan. HB.
HB, Jan. HB.

I don’t know what kind of chemists or wizards Mr. Christie employs, but these really do taste like birthday cake. Bonus points are applied since I received these tasty goodies as part of a birthday gift.

The *kid appeal for this edition is high. So high, there was no way my little darlings were going to forget we had some in the closet, so I was forced thrilled to share.

Bravo, Nabisco, bra – vo.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Cups of Coffee

Cookie Dough

Worth exercising for
Worth exercising for

Oh, man did this flavour deliver. I first learned of this new edition on Twitter and knew we had to try it. Hands down, this is the favourite. There was just a hint of mocha which reminded me of the Dutch spritz cookies we used to eat with Sunday morning coffee growing up. Delicious. Once this package was opened, all other special selections were second-class cookies

Rating: 5 out of 5 Cups of Coffee

Honourable Mentions

Berry Burst Ice Cream: an acceptable alternative if Cookie Dough is sold out.

Triple Double: yummy, but tough to justify eating more than 2 or 7 of these since they are pretty big.

Unrated Flavours

I have not eaten these editions, but that won’t stop me from reviewing them.

Lemon: No.

Watermelon: Why? WHY?

Gingerbread: Please don’t.

Candy Corn: Offer these to guests who have overstayed their welcome. 

*Investment opportunity: I’d like to develop a camouflage sleeve with pictures of lentils on it to slip right over any package of Oreos you don’t want to share. Just email me your credit card info and we’ll get this started.


Which flavour would you like to see Mr. Christie try next?


Coffee Shopping Like a Mom

There’s this new blog, Coffee Shoppers and I am so conflicted about all the feelings. All the feelings!

Let me explain.

I visited the site and read about this coffee shop called “The Wormhole” in Chicago and so badly want to go. But it’s in Chicago and I have kids and a job and can’t just drive 9 hours to try it out. So,  I’ve begun putting pressure on my Chicago-living brother to try it in my place. That coffee shop looks fantastic. They have a Delorean. A DELOREAN. My Bearded Husband has no use for coffee or coffee-related things (except me) but all the 80s collectibles could convince even him to spend a few hours there. The Wormhole clearly has “marriage building” as part of its mission statement. If only it was closer. Or in this country.

Another day I read a review of the Red Lark and I immediately thought, “I just want to spend a day there, it’s exactly the kind of place I could learn about all things coffee. I want to meet Mark and Suzanne because I just know we’d be instant coffee BFFs.” They could answer all my expresso and gluten-free biscotti questions and I’d live happily ever after.

When I read about these neat one-of-a-kind coffee experiences, I long to try them out. I picture myself spending an afternoon alone, or with a friend (preferably alone and later meet a friend) sipping coffee, reading, relaxing, taking in the atmosphere. Like when I was in university, but with less textbooks and a bit more income. Ok, probably the same amount of textbook reading, I wasn’t all that studious.

Sadly, the reality is that if I had that much free time on my hands, all evidence indicates that I’d probably waste it taking a nap. I don’t have a coffee shopper pace of life. But moms can have coffee, too! We can write reviews about new coffee experiences. It just needs to happen a little closer to home and in a shorter time frame.

Here’s what Mom Coffee Shopping looks like:

Our youngest child looked up at me with his big hazel eyes and asked, “Donald’s? Mine? My Donald’s?” And the only possible answer I could offer was “Get your shoes.” So we zipped on over to the closest golden arches to get my little con artist darling a Happy Meal. Since I was there anyways, I decided to get something for myself. I’ve heard that their Pumpkin Spice Lattes are cheaper than the competition and “yummy”, so went ahead and ordered one.

"McCafe" translated is "Desperate Mom Cafe"
“McCafe” translated is “Desperate Mom Cafe”

And here’s the first official Mom Coffee Shopper review:

Atmosphere: The duration of my visit was spent inside our van. Music selection was tasteful, volume just right. Temperature was comfortable, although the smell of French fries was somewhat overwhelming. I felt rushed, but it was more from my small companion calling out “yeah, yeah, fries!” rather than the staff.

Taste: I really wanted to like my McDonald’s PSL, but no. No. It was too sweet with just the wrong amount of chemical flavour. I’m willing to try their plain old coffee again since past experience tells me it’s pretty good (shhh…don’t tell Mr. Horton), but I won’t be trying any “fancy” drinks again. Lesson learned.

Price: It’s a fast food restaurant. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I feel like even though it was less than Starbucks, I got fleeced.

Service: Guys, it’s McDonald’s.

Presentation/Service: I really wanted to ask for it half sweet, but felt like the machine wouldn’t allow for special orders, so I opted for skim and hoped for the best. The lid was on and the server was pleasant, so no complaints.

Ratings Round-Up

Fedora Count: it’s McDonald’s

Skinny Jeans: More than necessary

Yoga pants: Also more than necessary

Signature Mediterranean Wrap Promotional t-shirts: 1

How I Plan to Spend My Next Free Afternoon:

Brew a big pot of coffee and set up my Rubix cube, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and watch Back to the Future in the basement. And if I dim the lights just right, it might pass for my very own Canadian Mom Wormhole. Yes, it just might.


What has been your best cheap coffee experience?