Bast and Moyer Return

Months ago we decided it was time to vlog again. So we did. Then we forgot about it. But fear not! The footage is safe and sound and ready for its debut.

No, I can’t recall why we wore shower caps, but I stand by that decision. More good news! There are other episodes coming and I don’t remember what we said on those, so we will all be surprised together.

Bast & Moyer Eat Chips


So delicious you can’t eat just one – even if the flavour is questionable.

Bast and I decided to try out a very Canadian flavour. Much giggling ensued. You can see it all for yourself here, in our third vlog.

What is the strangest/best/surprisingly good flavour of chip you’ve tried? Which one filled you with regret?

Lydia & Elizabeth & Bast & Moyer

Vlogging is fun. Vlogging with Lydia and Elizabeth is more fun. Vlogging with Lydia and Elizabeth AND Bast is the most fun of all. I’m a lucky girl.

We posed some Canadian trivia questions to L&E. They answered (bless their hearts) and we replied with the corrects answers.  You can see it all here over at Amanda’s site.

If I ever have a girl, I think I’ll name her Lydia Elizabeth Bast Moyer. It has a nice ring to it.


National Kazoo Day – 2014

Yes, this is a real thing.

I know, I was surprised, too. But I looked it up and yes, National Kazoo Day is legit. Well, in the US. But we like our neighbours to the south so our family came up with this tribute to celebrate all that is the kazoo.

And now we present to you, The Moyer Special: Kazoo Day.


There are some other very talented kazoo players you can see: Amanda and the man who got the event going in Canada, Ricky.

Bast & Moyer Present: Canadian Currency

My friend, Amanda and I work together, go to church together, basically just do life together and now we vlog together. Soon our minds will have melded into one, but for now, we give you this.

We’re Canadians so you know we love our coins. Here’s some  trivia about our currency, with a few other tidbits thrown in.

You can read more from Bast at her blog, and follow her on twitter.

For some other fun videos (and the inspiration for our inaugural post, it was supposed to be a 3 minute response, but ended up being a 20 minute gem, hence we’re sharing this nugget) check out Lydia and Elizabeth.