Bast and Moyer Return

Months ago we decided it was time to vlog again. So we did. Then we forgot about it. But fear not! The footage is safe and sound and ready for its debut.

No, I can’t recall why we wore shower caps, but I stand by that decision. More good news! There are other episodes coming and I don’t remember what we said on those, so we will all be surprised together.

Author: Jan Moyer

Embracing my inner child since 2005.

8 thoughts on “Bast and Moyer Return”

      1. I might have to miss this year. It’s on the 28th and I might not be up for it by then.

  1. Love it. My favorite part was when you guys wore the shower caps and looked at the phones. PS: My guess is you were catching up on Cindy Warren’s latest tweets- hence the chuckles.

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