Why, it’s your Uncle Q, of course


Why is this guy on so many of our boxes?

Oh, him? That’s your Uncle Q – don’t you remember?

He’s our uncle? 

Yes. He’s really into oatmeal. We used to go camping all the time together.


He’s a pretty good guy except he always brings that terrible layered Jell-o salad to everything. Uncle Q, guys, stop pretending you don’t know him.

Well, maybe we’ve seen him. Was he at the big party in the park that time?

YES – and he was laughing at all his own jokes, wait, no, that was your other uncle.

Jell-o salad? The kind with all the different colours? 

That’s the one. And that’s why we stopped inviting him to Christmas.



#YearofJan FOREVER

Author: Jan Moyer

Embracing my inner child since 2005.

9 thoughts on “Why, it’s your Uncle Q, of course”

  1. Hey Jan: Loved this one, as our youngest went thru’ a phase where she would only eat cereal if it had “The Oatmeal Guy” on the box. Will hv to remind her of that next time I eat breaky @ her house. LOL :))

    Hugs, Martha

  2. They’re going to tell that one to their teachers, and you’re going to come off sounding like a crazy person. Or a Quaker with an Ancestry.com account.

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