Insert Evil Laugh

I saw it.

With my own eyes.

We were in line for a roller coaster that I would soon decide not to ride. And then I saw him. A twenty-something guy with a fully waxed, handle bar moustache and a girlfriend. He looked like a Disney villain, but with a lady on his arm, there can be no doubt, he’s a hero. Or at least has supernatural powers.

I’d like to offer you some photographic evidence, but he thwarted all our efforts.

"Just pretend you're taking my picture, but snap a shot of that amazing 'stache. I will never ask you for anything ever again."
“Just pretend you’re taking my picture, but snap a shot of that amazing ‘stache. I will never ask you for anything ever again.”

My window of opportunity was small – zoom in, Bearded Husband, zoom in.

Turn around. Please. Just a little to the right.
Turn around. Please. Just a little to the right.

You’ll just have to believe me. It was real. I even saw him twirl it with his finger. I have no doubt that as he ate his funnel cake, he was really plotting ways to take over the world. Or at least Canada.

Curses, foiled again.
Curses, foiled again.

Have you ever bumped into a celebrity at a theme park? How about at the mall? Perhaps at a Tim Hortons? 

Author: Jan Moyer

Embracing my inner child since 2005.

7 thoughts on “Insert Evil Laugh”

  1. YES.

    I bumped into a Canadian celebrity at the mall.

    My wife and I were walking through some mall in Houston while on vacation a few years back. A kid jumped out in front of us, wearing this awful basketball outfit (crimson and yellow, complete w/ sweatbands).

    I walked around him, but he wouldn’t let my wife pass. He begged her to take a picture of him with another couple. My wife, who is nicer than me, took their picture. The kid asked her to take a couple more, to be sure. My wife did so, and then we all moved on.

    As we continued walking down the mall, we noticed several two-story posters hanging from the ceiling, advertising some movie called Juno.

    We had just been badgered by Michael Cera, who was at the mall to promote his movie.

  2. I went to college with a guy that had a mustache like that. I was pretty sure he was good at boxing in the 1920’s.

    The Mall of America has a bunch of celebs. I don’t remember bumping into any outside of the official appearances. I have hung out with Relient K backstage and met some of the members of Audio Adrenaline.

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