The Super Effect

Mommy, I have a snack?

No, Little, it’s almost dinner.

But I SUPER hungry.

I SUPER not want to listen to you.
I SUPER not want to listen to you.


Daddy, I have a popsicle?

They’re for after dinner.

But I SUPER want it now.


I have a drink?

No, Little, it’s bedtime.

But I SUPER thirsty.


I SUPER want a piggyback ride.


I SUPER want to play the piano

It’s not your turn, buddy.


I play on your iPhone?


But I SUPER want to.


You take my shoes off, Mommy?

You can do it yourself.

But I SUPER not do it.


I be excused?

You’re not done your food.

But I SUPER done eating.


I’m just going to start using this strategy, too. Sorry, I’m not doing yard duty, I SUPER don’t want to.

Nope, I SUPER hate cleaning toilets.

I’m just going to stay in bed, guys, because I SUPER love sleeping.


What do you feel SUPER passionate about (or SUPER want to avoid)?


Author: Jan Moyer

Embracing my inner child since 2005.

11 thoughts on “The Super Effect”

  1. I super love reading your blog! And I super appreciate your comments on mine! Oh and I super love shopping, and Michel Kors. Oh and I super love guacamole, and chips. And I super love a good hair day, and lose fitting pants. And I really super love my morning cup of coffee.

  2. I super love sleeping too! And I super love being able to go to the bathroom by myslef. And I super want my 3 year old to be potty trained. All of which don’t happen, but I’m going to try your Little’s approach and let you know how it works out for me! 😉

      1. I’ve already had one of those today! 🙂 I SUPER wish it had been longer.

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