Dorothy Who?

They live among us.

They come in all colours, shapes, and sizes. From the outside, you’d never be able to tell.

They mow their lawns, go to work, enjoy the odd handful of M&Ms. They can carry on a normal conversation, have acceptable hygiene, and if asked, they’ll agree that leggings are not pants. But they aren’t like us.

You think you know people, but do you? They could be living in your house. You might have even married one.

In fact, it might be years until you learn the truth.

It might go something like this.

One evening your family is enjoying a meal outside when your youngest child points out how windy it is. You casually remark that you might all get swept up and taken to the Land of Oz. Your children giggle and then ask if you can watch that for the next family movie night. They turn to your husband and ask if it’s an appropriate family movie and he offhandedly replies, “I don’t know. I’ve never seen it.”

You're off to see the who of the what now?
You’re off to see the who of the what now?

He’s never seen it.

The Wizard of Oz.

He. Has. Never. Seen. It.


Never, ever.

Hypothetically, that would be pretty awful. And one might need time to process a lot of life choices at that point. Hypothetically.

They are out there, guys. Be on your guard.


I'm sorry, did you say "never"?
I’m sorry, did you say “never”?

Author: Jan Moyer

Embracing my inner child since 2005.

15 thoughts on “Dorothy Who?”

  1. I watched it everyday for a month or more in second grade. Every day. My kids have never seen it. I’m a terrible mother.

  2. That’s sacrilege! My 3 year old loves it…even imitates the wicked witch. 🙂

    Sadly, it’s the same at my house. I often find out my husband hasn’t seen many classic movies that I grew up with. I’m grateful my parents were huge movie buffs.

  3. This was one of our favorite early marriage games – “Ricky hasn’t seen what?!?”

    But over time that’s mostly been rectified. Yes, I’ve seen The Wizard now.

  4. I’ve also never watched it. I’ve seen it on in the background while my sister watched it so I’ve witnessed several parts of the movie but I’ve never actually watched the movie.

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