Adam and Eve – Littles Style

At bedtime, when both of us parents are home, we tend to divide and conquer – one of us takes the Littles, the other has the Bigs. Trust me, it’s just easier that way.

We are once again reading the Bible story book I grew up with: The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Ken Taylor.


The stories are short and sweet with very accessible language for young children (that’s the teacher in me speaking, I’ll tell her to be quiet from here on in). However, the length of the story does not correspond with the length of time it takes us to read one. Allow me to demonstrate.

“These are the people God made. Can you see them in the picture? Yes, that’s a tree. Oh, a kitty cat? I think that might be a cheetah. They are behind the flowers in the middle of the – fingers out, that’s yucky – picture. Can you point to them?  He can point, too – wait, wait, ok, can you point now? At the people. The people. WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE!?”

(brief pause while I compose myself)

“Continuing on. The man’s name is  – no, not Daddy, he might look a bit like Daddy. That’s not Uncle Ken, is Uncle Ken in the Bible? Yes, he does read it. Yes, he’s Jesus’ friend, too. His name is Adam. The lady’s name – please say ‘excuse me’ when you do that. Her name is Eve.

(pause while we relocate due to ungodly smell)

“Adam and Eve did not have a mother and father. No, they didn’t have a grandpa or grandma either. Well, I guess they had to get their own breakfast. God made Adam out of dust from the ground, and then – yes, I heard the train, too. No, they didn’t have Chuggington in the Bible. And then He made Eve. Yes, God made you, too. Just get a Kleenex, don’t wipe it on your pants.

(pause for some personal hygiene)

“God made them happy and good. They love God and God loves them. In the picture you see them looking up toward God. No wonder they are so happy. Yes, some day we can look up and see God.”

Sometimes reading this book for about 36th time feels rote. Sometimes bedtime can be another chore to complete before the freedom that follows tucking them in (the most wonderful time of the day, to be sure). And sometimes through that, little nuggets of truth sneak in: Bible time is important. Spending quiet time with the boys is a special moment of the day. And some day we will look up and see God.

Author: Jan Moyer

Embracing my inner child since 2005.

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