Risk Management

I’m not much of a risk-taker. You won’t catch me bungee jumping or hopping out of a plane. That’s just crazy. Appropriate risks include trying a new flavoured latte or buying the generic version of my preferred soap. However, once in a while, inspiration hits and I will tell that nay-saying voice inside my head to pipe down.

One evening I finished up my grocery shopping and went to the Tim Hortons in the same plaza to grab a coffee (just my usual black decaf, wasn’t feeling daring). As I got back into my car I noticed a man crouched near a pillar in a darkened corner between the drugstore and First Choice Haircutters. Most shops had closed down for the evening.

I heard a little voice say to me, “you should help him.”

Me: You know, I’m almost in the car, going over now is a little obvious. I’m sure someone else will be by soon.

Voice: Nope. You. Go.

Me: I walked by earlier and he didn’t ask for anything. We’re good.

Voice: Go.

Me: Look, he appears to have had enough cash to buy some smokes. Heading home, my coffee is getting cold.

Voice: GO.

Me: Fine.

I grabbed a five out of my wallet and nervously headed over to the stranger. I took a deep breath and boldly held out my hand.

“Here, this is for you.”

He seemed a bit startled and took his earbuds out. He paused, looked at me, looked at the money in my hand, back at me, and said:

“I’m not homeless, I’m just on my break.”


Your turn – any embarrassing incidents to share? Perhaps one that required you to never wear your favourite red jacket to a certain plaza again for fear of recognition?