Always Talk to Strangers

We just stopped to watch the tree trimmers.

He was so high up that you can’t even see him against the backdrop of the sun, but he was there, making my stomach flip.

photo 2-11


A random stop in a random neighbourhood because we spotted an arborist trimming a tree at an amazing height (I would have stopped even if didn’t have a van full of boys, you don’t see that every day). The tree trimmer had a chainsaw dangling from a rope, engine running, and he’d swing it up to himself as needed – it was spectacular.

As we gazed up at this wondrous balancing act, an elderly lady emerged from her home and approached us.

“Good morning! Would you like some greens? I’m going away for 2 weeks and I know Alex is gone, would you eat them?”

Which just goes to show you, when Alex is out of town – greens for everyone!

No, no, no. Which just goes to show you, he who gawks get greens.

Wait, no. Always stare at strangers.

Tonight we feast
Tonight we feast

I’m sure there’s a wise truth in this story somewhere – thoughts?