Lunchtime Made Easy

Making lunches is a lot of work.

Well, making lunches, breakfast, and dinner is a lot of work.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning snack, afternoon snack – so much time preparing food. And then there’s the clean up. My knees are developing arthritis from the amount of time I’m spending at the kitchen counter. I might invest in orthotic indoor shoes.

Let’s not even start in about the grocery budget.

So where does every parent go when they are looking for meal ideas for their family? Pinterest, of course. But what I found there was not time-saving lunch ideas. Nooooo. Instead I discovered a cornucopia of pins dedicated to sandwiches cut into fun shapes, fruit kabobs, and smiley faced vegetables. Um, I was looking to do less preparation. Who are these people?

As a public service, I decided to share my own great tips for Easy Lunches On A Budget. Here’s my first instalment.

Easy Mac and Cheese Your Kids Will Love.

1. Get two boxes, you don’t want to run short. Your kids are counting on you.

Two boxes lets them know you really care
Two boxes lets them know you really care

2. Prepare as directed. But why not go with 5% cream? It adds just that hint of decadence your family 1

3. Serve. But not in those plastic bowls from IKEA. The real dishes, mom. Because nothing says “your worth it” like breakable dishware.

photo 4

4. Here’s a secret I debated about posting. But it’s too good not to share. Fresh-ground paper for a gourmet twist.

Just like grandpa used to make when he was left in charge.
Just like Grandpa used to make when he was left in charge.

Future Posts Coming Soon: Frozen Pizza – Not Just for Dinner, Bologna and You, and Sometimes Leftovers Are Your Friend.

Author: Jan Moyer

Embracing my inner child since 2005.

16 thoughts on “Lunchtime Made Easy”

  1. To make it gourmet we throw some hot dogs in it and drizzle some ketchup over top 😉 Just in case you would like to mix it up.

  2. Real mom’s make Bologna sandwiches in bulk (why make them one at a time when you can get an assembly line going and have the week’s lunches prepped)… and then throw in a granola bar, fruit snacks and an apple (to make sure they’re eating healthy)

  3. We got some free “recipe” magazine from Kraft once. Some of the recipes would list generic ingredients until it got to a Kraft item. e.g.

    Kraft 100% natural Italian blend finely shredded cheese
    Tomato paste

    Anyways, one of the “recipes” was Digiornio pizza (Delisioso for you Canadian folks). The difference? Cutting it into strips. Seriously. That was it.

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