He Made Reservations

When you’re a parent of young children and someone is coerced graciously offers to take your offspring for a two-night sleepover, the whole world opens up.



The possibilities seem endless – where to start? Hang the curtains that were bought a year ago? Weed the garden? Fix the fence post? Clean out some closets? Switch rooms around? Do some coding? Churn some butter? Start raising bees?

Wait, that sounds like work.

Better book some social time in there, too. Apparently, my bearded husband was thinking the same thing. We were hatching our plans for our FreedomFest when he gazed at me lovingly and said, “Tuesday I am taking you out for lunch.”

“Oh! Yes! Will I need to get dressed up?”

He smiled, nodded, and replied, “I’ll let you know what you should wear.”

This clearly meant that yes, we were eating somewhere fancy. Plus, he had made a reservation. You don’t need a reservation for Pita Pit.

Tuesday rolled around and as I headed out for breakfast with a friend (must cram in as much social time as possible when a babysitter is not necessary) BH said, “Don’t be back too late, we can’t miss our reservation. Do you want to know where we’re going?”


“We’re going canoeing and I’ll pack us a picnic.”


could wear a dress and my nice shoes, but not the most practical.

It was a good thing I was going out because I needed time to adjust my expectations and my attitude. By the time I arrived home I was, if not excited, at least mentally prepared for our adventure.

And so we were off to canoe the Grand River.



There were four other canoe enthusiasts along for the ride. Five if you count the dog one couple brought. Very thankful I was not in their canoe.

Canoe Mascot
Canoe Mascot – that’s a thing, right?

Soon we were dropped off at the start and ready to go.

Seems innocuous when your partner isn't rocking it.
Seems innocuous when your partner isn’t rocking it.

You know what’s fun? When your fellow canoe-er pretends to tip the vessel. Twice. Hilarious.

The pros don't wear the life jacket.
Pros don’t wear life jackets.

I am not a pro.

Look at me being all adventurous.
Look at me being all adventurous.

Highlights from this trip included the guy who wore a leather coat underneath his life jacket. To canoe. In August. We noted that he did very little paddling. Also, there was some lovely scenery.

It took effort to deface this bridge.
It took effort to deface this bridge.
Local wildlife
Local wildlife


Free souvenir!
Free souvenir!

Along the way I found an ideal spot to hide and scare people, should we make this trip again with friends.



Despite my poor attitude going into this journey, we had a great time. The sandwiches were delicious and the company, acceptable.

Still smiling. Wait, this was taken before we left.
Still smiling. Wait, this was taken before we left.

If you had two days to yourself, what would you do? Can some peaches? Go to the beach? Clean the grout in your bathroom?

Author: Jan Moyer

Embracing my inner child since 2005.

5 thoughts on “He Made Reservations”

  1. Love it! I’m so glad you had a nice time with acceptable company. 😉 I would have wanted that fancy restaurant… Ha!

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