Just fold your hands. Please.

Meal time.

We gather our family around the kitchen table to partake of a carefully prepared meal. The boys have graciously helped to set out the plates and have only asked six or seven times why we cannot have pop to drink.

Once we have settled in, everyone waits patiently for a serving. And no one snaps an irritated  “hold on a second can’t you see I’m helping your brother why don’t you go get the milk yourself?”

No. Our family is happy to spend this quality time together.

“May I please have an extra serving of vegetables, Mother?”

Dear brother, would you mind passing me the butter when you are finished with it?”

“Here, allow me to get an extra spoon, Father – it’s no trouble at all.”

“No dessert for me, I am absolutely stuffed from that delicious rice concoction – adding extra mushrooms was inspired!”

“Mommy, you look tired, tell us about your day while I go put some coffee on.”

As we wrap up this delightful family time of conversation and replenishment, Bearded Husband passes me the family devotion book to read. The boys all listen attentively and ask how the truths presented can be applied in their lives. This is followed by a short prayer.

“Alright, everyone, let’s pray. Quiet, please. Close your eyes, Little. Eyes closed. Shhh. SHHHH. Listen.  How does God want you to act at prayer time? JESUS WOULD NOT PICK HIS TOE JAM AT THE TABLE.”

(Only one of those quotes is true – can you guess which one was actually said? Take a moment, it’s tricky.)

Author: Jan Moyer

Embracing my inner child since 2005.

17 thoughts on “Just fold your hands. Please.”

  1. My kids would be all over the making coffee thing. I got a keurig for Christmas and everyone here thinks it’s a really fun toy that makes hot beverages.
    And why are children biased towards vegetables and mushrooms but will eat their own boogers?

  2. Set the table? You can actually get a meal TO the table before they attack it like a heard of frighteningly mutated, land-dwelling piranhas?

      1. Thank you for not assuming my comment was spam, owing to the alarmingly incompetent use of the word “heard” instead of “herd” 🙂

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