My Precious

I love chocolate. And peanut butter. Chocolate and peanut butter together. Whoever this Reese person is, I applaud him/her and the inspiration that is Peanut Butter Cups. Hands down, though, AMERICAN Reese’s peanut butter anything beat those found in Canada. It’s a fact. I have years of anecdotal evidence to support this claim. Not sure what it is, probably looser FDA approval processes or something, but those are so good.

Recently, I learned via Twitter that in addition to peanut cups and Easter eggs, PB Pumpkins exist.

Peanut butter and chocolate deliciousness wrapped up in the shape of a pumpkin. Be still my heart.

This is where true friends come in. One of my good friends was taking a weekend trip to the states. All it took was a quick text and another follow up explaining that they are pumpkin shaped, not pumpkin flavoured and then this happened:

If you happen to be the recipient of such plastic-wrapped delactabilityness, there are some things you need to know.

First of all,  it’s best if no one else knows it’s in the house, but if that’s not possible, then never open one when small children are around. Or if you do, have decoy candy on hand. Oh, you don’t want this. Here, have some old jellybeans instead, aren’t they yummy? 

The fact that it doesn't look like a pumpkin is irrelevant. Who are we to criticize Reese?

The fact that it doesn’t look like a pumpkin is irrelevant. Who are we to criticize Reese?

Second, a treat like this needs to be savoured so wait for the right time. Brew some coffee (if it’s nap time) or pour yourself a class of wine. Light some candles, put on some music. It’s okay to wear yoga pants, PB Pumpkin doesn’t judge.

Coffee and PB are second only to wine and PB.

Coffee and PB are second only to wine and PB.

Third, take your time. Even though those little pumpkins are more than half your daily fat allowance, they are small. Take a moment to enjoy each little bite.

When you finish one, there’s a bit of let down. That’s when the second one comes in handy. It also helps if you tell yourself that the second one is the last one and then surprise yourself and crack open the third.

You’re welcome.


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